Monday, May 11, 2009

I give up...

I have tried now for almost 2 hours to fix the messy layout!  I have no idea why it is looking like this!  It looks right on the composing part, but when I hit post it gets all scrambled up????  OH Well, I figure that you can still enjoy the pics and unscramble the captions.  Maybe it will be better next time?

The Last Few Months With The Monzingo's

Ellie's 1st BOO BOO!  We had our first experience with gushing blood:(  WOW can you say "Drama" for all of us!  She busted her lip on the edge of a laundry basket while she was trying to dive in!  I think that Jamey and I were freaking out just as much or more than Ellie!  I'm sure we are in for many more to come!  She did pretty good making it this far!

Yeah that right! "Hey Ya'll" it's Paula Deen.  We got to see the diva and her sweetie at Sam's during her new family cook book signing, which by the way made a great mother's day gift and has some awesome reciepies in it!

OK, this is for my girls at UMHB!  Jilly Bean do you remember this tee shirt?  I pulled it out of a packed away box to wear for the South Montgomery County TEA PARTY!  How much fun!  Brought back great "mem mem mem memories" from the 2000 Election
 Party in Tryon Apart 1501:)  

Ellie had so much fun hamming up the crowd, waving her flag and sporting her sign for her very first protest!  

There was about 3500 people that came to support the very peaceful but serious protest agaist the new adminstrations tax agenda!  WOW, what an amazing experience!  How fun it was to demonstrate our rights as American citizen's.  We even got to participate in the protest sign parade! 
Even though our sign was just cute with no political meaning, people stoped us to take pictures of Ellie with her sign of her Cowboy Hero's W. and Regan.

Chillin' on Easter Sunday Morning on Gigi's back porch!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Little Luv Bug!

Yes, Ellie turned ONE on Feb. 20, 2009 (several months ago) and I feel like such a bad friend and mother for not sharing these pics with you all sooner:) Ellie's big day was so so so special. She had so many people come to give her their blessings! I think that we ended up with over 40 friends, family members and children! Our little house was packed for the Lady of the Day! Mom, Nanny,Jamey and I were so busy making all of the "Thank You" cookie pops the day before and they just turned out perfect! Thanks to Kasey for her awesome recipe!!!! We had a birthday cake made for Ellie in the shape of a Pink and Green Lady Bug and come to find out the same lady who made this cake for Ellie also made Jamey's first birthday cake as well. The bakery is called Lindy's in Old Town Spring. WOW was it awesome! It was a 2 layer white cake with half cream cheese filling and half strawberry filling! To Die For!! My good friend and business partner Sally decorated 14 little mini cakes in the shape of different bugs for all of the kids to have their own personal sized cakes and what an awesome decorator she is!!! They turned out so very cute and added so much to the cake table! We had a birthday plate for all who came to the momentous occasion to sign, bubbles for the kids and plenty of fellowship to last all day long! Our good friend Carlos made her a birthday banner that we hung over the front door to let everyone in the neighborhood know that it was her special day. Thanks Uncle Los! We dressed our little luv bug in an unforgettable 1st birthday outfit, a cute white shirt that had a single cupcake with pink organza icing and a big frilly pink can-can with a pink polka dot satin drawstring ribbon, there was no denying who the bday girl was! Mommy splurged on that one!!!! The day was perfect and when it came time to sing her happy birthday she sat in her high chair with everyone gathered around and started to wave her hands like a music director and then started to move both of her hands in her "reverse bye-bye" like you would do if you said "come here" as if to say LOUDER! Then it came down to the big moment when she ate her first cake!!! She ate the whole thing and wanted to eat the plate!! Can you say sugar rush??? Her name ever since then has been "Miss Piggy". I could ramble on and on about how perfect her day was! Here are some pics...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Blessings!

Thanks for the Dress Jilly Bean!

Ready to Ride!

Thank you Pappy, I mean Santa!

The Best Gifts of All!

My First Piano

I don't know about all of this!

Wake up Sleepy Head it's Christmas Morning!

Our little Reindeer

Ellie's Pink Christmas Tree

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Can't I open just ONE?

Thanks Aunt Randi for the new Ride!